Welcome to Luminaria!Kovanathi are highly advanced aliens who have advanced technology which allows them to modify their own genes heavily, leading to extreme genetic and physical diversity among the species.They have forgone natural reproduction in favor of being grown in labs, by other Kovanathi.

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Luminaria is a moderately-sized planet, comparable in size to something between Earth and Mars.
The sky is always relatively dark, due to the atmosphere being thick with clouds. This also means that rain is near-constant on Luminaria. There are still a lot of places where the natural environment is untouched, filled with strange glowing plants and animals.
The planet's land is mostly populated by large cities, the largest and most populous of which is Neyika, a coastal megalopolis home to the centers of many important functions of Kovanath society.


The Centerpiece of the city is the Neyikan Growth Lab, a set of three giant pyramid-shaped buildings, housing much of the growth lab infrastructure of Luminaria. The largest pyramid has a beam of light emitting from it, a signal to all who can see it that Luminaria is running as strong as ever.This lab is run by two ALPHAs, Res and Von. They are elusive at best.

Res, owned by CHELRY

Von Trash Trasher Possum, owned by Dizzy


There are some aquatic cities on Luminaria, somewhat possessing its own separate society, with some leaders of their own. Most underwater settlements are close to or partially on land, though there are some further out, close to the deepest parts of Luminaria's expansive ocean.The largest underwater city is named Thaunis, it is 100 miles out from the coast of Neyika. It is close to the region which holds the most important function of Kovanath Society; the deep crystal trenches. These trenches stretch as far down into the hadal zone. Within, grow masses of luminescent crystals which are used as a biofuel by Kovanathi.

The crystals are called Lumi (teal) and Gen (purple)Lumi is both a power source and a currency. It is actually a sort of biomass, forming from the waste of the many bioluminescent creatures of the Luminarian sea. They form everywhere to some degree, but the most prolific growth is very far into the depths. Lumi is harvested by specially equipped divers.Gen crystals are a rarer, denser variant of Lumi. They glow faintly, and only form extremely deep in ocean trenches. They are highly valuable, being a much more efficient source of energy than Lumi.


Kovanathi are at a stage where there are no longer individual nations, as they have some moderate expansion into space. There are some collectives of Kovanathi who prefer to stay away from the genetic modification and artificial growth, instead opting to still use natural reproduction and remain in a "basic" form for the duration of their lives.Kovanath fashion is heavily centered around the body, around what sorts of special traits and modifications a Kovanath has. Though, clothing is still important, just not worn as often as we humans would wear it.

Some very fashionable Kovas :)

Kovanathi are completely capable of natural reproduction, however, the vast majority of Kovas choose not to in favour of the quicker and easier process of being artificially grown in tubes by other Kovanathi. All Kovanathi are physically intersex, and Kovas present and identify their genders on an individual levelKovanathi have perfected altering and manipulating genetic code to their will, using a variety of sources to create the various traits and body features seen.They are also good as transferring minds into digital data, therefore allowing Kovanathi to have new bodies grown for them when they're close to death, making themselves effectively immortal, and allowing them to completely overhaul their look at will, or recreating the same body every time they "die"Where do the old bodies go if they're seen as so "disposable"? They're recycled on a cellular level, allowing new organs and body parts to be grown without having to expend as much resource.They can also be modified and partially regrown while keeping the same physical body, so they only typically choose to fully "recycle" the body if it is close to dying.

ALPHA Kovanathi

ALPHA Kovanathi are the rarer subspecies of Kovanathi. They are known for having extra arms (always at least four, maximum is eight), and for the fact that they do not have eyes, and instead have cybernetic 'visors' replacing them. The visors still possess tearmarks.ALPHA Kovanathi are typically taller than standard Kovanathi.

Standard Kovanathi average around 7' tall.
ALPHAs average around 8'6" tall.
Chart Template


Nostrils and Heat Pits
Kovanathi have a set of nostrils and a set of heat pits. They are close together, giving them the appearance of having dual nostrils. The heat pits are vestigial and serve no purpose in modern Kovanath society

Kovas' limbs have spurs on them-
the arms have them on the elbows, and the legs have them as pseudo-dewclaws (they are not actually digits)

Under the eyes, there is a white or light-colored marking. It is unknown to science why this is present, possibly to reflect more light in the darkness of Luminaria's natural regions

Nostrils and Heat Pits

Limbs with Spurs

Eyes with Tearmarks


Kovanathi have their own language, with its own alphabetFeel free to use it in your Kovanath artwork!


/|°/×/|'/: stolen by \ 9[]|)///-|3/|£||+
Recovery mission underway.
???: parasitic organism. possible threat.

The dominant species of Luminaria. Kovanathi is the correct plural form. You are Here.
Often shortened to "Kova"
A subtype of Kovanath. They possess extra arms and have no eyes.
The small, catlike pets kept by Kovanathi.
The planet Kovanathi originate from.
The white / off-white marking present near a Kovanath's eyes.
Growth Lab
The labs in which Kovanathi are grown by other Kovanathi
The main group currency (meta)
The crystals used as a fuel by Kovanath technology (in-universe)
The prompt/event currency (meta)
A more potent and dense variant of Lumi, grows deeper undersea. (in-universe)


To make an MYO you need a DNA crystal! You can buy one in the Lumi shop!All Kovanathi follow this basic body plan-They are anthropomorphic with digitigrade legs, and may have any body type one would see on a human.The three traits listed below are required for all Kovanathi. The tearmarks may be any shape so long as they're white or off-white and directly connected to the eye. Limbs may be missing or replaced with prosthetics or cybernetics.Standard Kovanathi may only ever have one set of arms.
All Kovanathi have two legs.

Nostrils and Heat Pits

Limbs with Spurs

Eyes with Tearmarks

Kovanathi also must always have two eyes on the face at least. Missing eyes do count so long as it's visible that there was an eye there at some point.Kovanathi may have horns, tails, wings, any sort of body texture, things like permahoods / furhoods, etc. They may also have extra eyes, anywhere on the body.

Kovanathi with horns, wings, and tails; Artwork by Kingpink

Kovanathi can have many different ear and muzzle shapes.

These are just examples! Kovanathi don't even have to have ears!
There must always be a distinct muzzle, so no completely round or boxy heads.


All restricted traits are available with items in the Lumi ShopALPHA Traits
Multiple sets of Arms
'Vital' Cybernetics (The torso and head must be organic on standard Kovanathi)
Multiple heads
The ability to shapeshift between two forms.
(This means a drastic change- small optional parts and alt palettes are free)


Prisms can be made using a Prismatic Egg itemThey are able to have small things like little wings and horns, and fur on the top of the head and on the neck. The rest of their main body is covered in a thin, velvety fur. Their bodies are made of a flexible crystalline substance.As babies, prisms have no fur anywhere, and therefore look fully crystalline. An adult prism is about the size of a cat, and a baby prism is likewise similar in size to a kitten. Their eggs are around the size of a 12 oz soda can.

Prism inside of its egg


How can I get a Kovanath?
Kovanathi may be obtained in three ways; using an MYO slot, buying an adoptable from oor admins or guest artists, or buying a custom from CHELRY.
MYOs are available to puchase with Lumi and Gen in the Lumi Shop, and with USD from Dizzy-PossumHow can I become staff?
Occasionally applications will open for either Admin or GA positions! There will be an announcement made when this happens.
How much do Kovanathi cost?
This varies a lot! MYO slots cost $12 if purchased with USD.
Adopts will vary by artist but the minimum will generally be $15.
Customs will vary by artist but generally the prices start around $20
Can I trade/sell my Kovanath?
All Kovanathi may be traded or resold. Generally it's best practice to only resell a Kova you paid for, so try to minimize reselling traded Kovas to a minimum if you can. When a Kovanath is transferred to you there is a cooldown of seven days before it can be transferred again.
For any other questions, ask on Discord!


Kovanathi are a closed species! You must have an MYO slot to make your own Kovanath! MYO slots can be earned through the species currency, Lumi, or by purchasing them with USD.When designing an MYO, please do not base them off copyrighted characters or IPs that you do not own. You can make your own OCs as Kovanathi, but be very careful with trading these designs. Preferably keep them as a tab of the original, to prevent "splitting" characters.For trades, there is a cooldown of one week (seven days). You can resell, trade, or gift Kovanathi freely, though it is generally best practice to only resell Kovas you paid for.Always be careful with trades, be wise, and try to look out for potential scams. If you're feeling unsure of a trade, it's always best to step away.People found using Kovanathi to scam people through trades and resales are subject to permanent blacklisting from the species depending on the severity.Due to my personal beliefs on the matter, there will not be a public blacklist. There is still a private one for Admin use.You can custom-design MYO slots for others, any form of payment is allowed!To own a Kovanath, you will need a deviantart account or toyhouse account, for logging purposes. Deviantart ALWAYS takes priority over TH, so if you have a Deviantart, please use that username for registry.


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